Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management formerly known as IT Business Management helps customers to focuses on managing an organization's services and their lifecycle.

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IT Business Management (ITBM) assists IT in showcasing its value to the organization and rationalizing investments to focus more on innovation. ITBM also aids in transforming the delivery of new products and services through efficient execution methodologies. It enables businesses to plan, analyse, and optimize their service offerings to align with strategic objectives and meet customer needs effectively.

To optimize business operations, it's crucial to align applications and work goals with business objectives. ServiceNow's Application Portfolio Management (APM) reduces costs, ensures alignment, and minimizes risks by effectively managing the application portfolio. Additionally, ServiceNow's Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides a centralized platform to oversee the entire project lifecycle, optimizing resource utilization and aligning work with strategic objectives. By leveraging APM and PPM, businesses can streamline operations, improve collaboration, and achieve better outcomes, driving success.

ServiceNow's Innovation Management solution empowers employees to contribute ideas for new products and features, fostering innovation and streamlining the process from idea submission to actionable demands or projects. Integration with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) enables swift delivery, enhancing competitiveness. ServiceNow also simplifies investment funding workflows, maximizing returns by efficiently allocating and distributing funds. By aligning applications, work goals, fostering innovation, and streamlining funding, ServiceNow optimizes operations, enhances collaboration, and drives better outcomes for a competitive advantage.

Key Benefits:

  • Agile Product and Portfolio Management: Optimize value, accelerate innovation, streamline work, and gain real-time visibility through agile portfolio orchestration and integrated planning with DevOps.
  • Alignment Planner Workspace (APW): Enhance configurability, transparency, and efficient development pathways for informed decision-making and streamlined technology investments.
  • Application and Project Portfolio Management: Gain a holistic understanding, reduce complexity, save costs, and make informed investment decisions through optimized application portfolio management and streamlined project delivery.
  • Hybrid Project and Portfolio Management: Integrate planning strategies, deliver projects faster, allocate resources efficiently, and centralize project intake for a balanced and streamlined approach.

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