HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery offers an enhanced employee experience through a centralized platform that streamlines their work requirements, minimizing complexities across various departments.

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The HRSD (Human Resources Service Delivery) platform provides a range of primary functionalities to optimize and streamline HR operations. It includes an Employee Center that allows access to multiple department services through a single unified portal. Additionally, it offers Employee Journey Management to enhance the employee experience by assisting them in navigating significant career milestones. Workforce Optimization enables the improvement of operational efficiency by gaining insights into HR agent schedules, workloads, and skills.

The platform also supports Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, ensuring exceptional employee experiences during critical moments. With Case and Knowledge Management, it becomes possible to standardize documentation, manage employee relations, and fulfil requests. Moreover, Issue Auto Resolution utilizes AI responses to promptly address simple requests, reducing case volumes.

The Now Mobile app simplifies employee self-service with a mobile app designed specifically for their needs. Virtual Agent functionality resolves issues faster and provides 24/7 support through intelligent chatbots. By offering Universal Request, the platform delivers a unified employee service experience and enhances agent collaboration. Employee Relations functionality helps maintain HR processes, documentation, and communications to ensure compliance. Lastly, Performance Analytics enables the tracking of HR performance over time by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs).

Key Benefits:

  • Unified Employee Experience Platform: Boost productivity and operational efficiency with a unified employee experience platform that integrates IT, HR, Workplace Services, and Legal departments, streamlining service delivery and enhancing collaboration.
  • Manager Empowerment: Equip managers with tools and resources to better support employee needs, providing comprehensive views of their team's journeys, statistics, and requests, enabling informed decision-making and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Enhanced Career Guidance: Create guided workflows for employees during critical career moments, offering step-by-step guidance and proactive prompts, empowering organizations to take proactive action and promote employee career development and satisfaction.

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