IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management encompasses the processes and services handled by an IT department, including administrative tasks, hardware and software support, and services for both internal and external clients. An effective ITOM ensures the availability, performance, and efficiency of an organization's services and processes.

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IT Operations Management are typically management departments within an IT team that develop policies on how services and support are managed and resolved, incorporating policies and procedures that revolve around how organizations intend to meet the needs and SLAs of the client and the organization.

ServiceNow ITOM solutions enable the use of pre-built capabilities to accelerate time to value, supply the data platform for digital services across all IT, and ensure continuous availability of digital services. It enables an organization to implement proactive operations by predicting issues before they affect users or the company, preventing problems, automating procedures, and redefining how IT teams cooperate. ITOM teams are also in charge of IT assets such as desktops, tablets, mobile devices, phones, and laptops.            

Key Benefits:

  • Issue Prediction: ITOM systems collect and analyze data from various IT resources, including cloud services, infrastructure, logs, metrics, events, and containers. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, ITOM reduces noise, identifies anomalies, and helps predict and mitigate issues proactively.
  • Minimize User Impact: ITOM enables the prevention of issues before they occur, reducing the impact on end users. By correlating changes and incidents, ITOM helps identify root causes faster and more accurately, facilitating collaboration across teams and triggering actions based on guided recommendations to prevent outages and service disruptions.
  • Workflow Automation: ITOM offers opportunities to automate workflows across teams, eliminating manual processes and empowering staff with actionable insights. With a knowledge base and pre-built playbooks, recovery times are shortened, simplifying repetitive tasks through low code/no code workflows.
  • DevOps Enablement: ITOM collaborates with centralized and decentralized teams, providing DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams with greater visibility into micro services, improving observability and incident response.
  • Data Connectivity: ITOM goes beyond traditional IT operations by managing the entire digital lifecycle. It extends the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to create a robust data foundation, enabling better data management and decision-making

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