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IT Service Management

ITSM is a strategic approach to IT management that focuses on delivering value to customers. It clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each individual and department in terms of IT services.

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IT Operations Management

ITOM describes the methods used by IT to manage services, support, and deployment to achieve consistency, quality of service, and dependability. Effective ITOM ensures the availability, performance, and efficiency of an organization's services and processes.

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IT Asset Management

ITAM is intended to ensure the successful deployment and ongoing maintenance of IT assets. ITAM encompasses both hardware and software asset management, but they are conceptually distinct.


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We adhere to a single and simple-minded approach as it is the key to clarity in our work

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Constantly embracing a progressive mindset that reflects in the work we deliver

100% Transparency

We provide your business with the accountability and trust it needs

Financial Intelligence

Analysing and making the work affordable

24x7 Support

Convenience in your hands by giving round-the-clock service

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Christopher R

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"The team exhibited exceptional responsiveness, comprehending our distinct requirements, and tailoring the module to perfectly align with our needs. We are extremely satisfied with the results ”

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Rahul Jain


"Thanks to the assistance by NOWITSYS, our utilization of ServiceNow has led to a profound transformation of our business. We have experienced notable improvements in flexibility, agility, and the speed of delivery. ”

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Irfan Khan

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"We deeply appreciate the partnership with NOW IT SYS in unleashing the true power of ServiceNow for our organization and allowing us to fully harness ServiceNow's exceptional capabilities to the fullest."



"We highly recommend Now IT System. They have proven to be an invaluable team, providing expertise and tailored solutions that ensured seamless integration. Their effective support resolved issues efficiently."

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In case you missed anything.

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get the information you need without any hassle.

1. What is ServiceNow and how its useful?
ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive suite of IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) capabilities. It helps organizations to improve IT service delivery, reduce IT costs, and improve IT agility.
2. What are the benefits of using ServiceNow?
There are many benefits to using ServiceNow, including :
  • Improved IT service delivery: ServiceNow can help organizations to improve the speed and efficiency of their IT service delivery.
  • Reduced IT costs: ServiceNow can help organizations to reduce their IT costs by automating manyof their IT processes
  • Improved IT agility: ServiceNow can help organizations to be more agile in responding to changes in the IT environment.
3. What are the different modules in ServiceNow?
ServiceNow has a numberof different modules, each of which provides a specific set of capabilities.Some of the most popular modules include:
  • Incident Management: This module helps organizations to manage IT incidents, such as service outages and performance problems.
  • Problem Management: This module helps organizations to identify and resolve the root causes of IT problems.
  • Change Management: This module helps organizations to manage changes to IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Asset Management: This module helps organizations to track and manage their IT assets, such as computers, servers, and software.
  • Service Catalog: This module helps organizations to create and manage a catalog of IT services that can be offered to employees.
4. How does Third Party Integrations works?
ServiceNow offers a wide range of third-party integrations that can be used to extend the platform's capabilities. These integrations can be used to connect ServiceNow to a variety of other systems, such as CRM, ERP, and help desk systems. By integrating ServiceNow with other systems, businesses can extend the platform's capabilities and improve their ability to manage their IT operations.
5. How is availability and reliability for business?
ServiceNow is designed to be highly available and reliable, with a 99.9% uptime SLA. This can help businesses improve their business continuity and reduce the risk of disruptions. Hence, it is a powerful platformthat can help businesses improve their IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management capabilities.
6. What security measures does it offer?
ServiceNow offers a comprehensive set of data security features to help organizations protect their data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. These features include zero-trust access, encryption, key management, data loss prevention (DLP), and data governance.

ServiceNow's data security features are designed to help organizations meet a variety of compliance requirements, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX.