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NOW Mobile

NOW Mobile gives customers the ability to manage requests, collaborate on projects, access knowledge bases, manage incidents, and manage tasks from their mobile devices. Users can stay connected and productive while on the road thanks to its user-friendly UI that is mobile device optimised.

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Today's workers rely on consumer apps that make their personal life simple and convenient by letting them communicate with friends, order groceries, and schedule rides with just a few touches. However, using a mobile device to complete work is frequently a difficult experience. Enterprise websites and apps either don't work correctly or aren't well suited for mobile use. They don't make use of the camera and location features on mobile devices to their full potential.

Employee expectations are changing. The workforce looks for ways to be productive from anywhere in a fast-paced professional setting where responsiveness is vital. They want their professional life to be as simple and easy going as their personal lives are. It is crucial for a firm to swiftly and effectively fulfil these demands. Organisations can no longer afford the traditional methods of planning, developing, and testing custom mobile apps over the course of months or years. They require a system that enables the quick creation and distribution of mobile-first experiences.

The ServiceNow platform excels in this area. It provides a selection of mobile apps and development tools made to meet the needs of contemporary teams. Everyone can be productive from any location thanks to the purpose-built apps that are designed for particular workflows and personas. The platform's Mobile Studio, which offers a wide range of design components and templates, enables users to create compelling native experiences for iOS and Android without having to write any code.

ServiceNow offers a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions designed to enhance productivity and deliver seamless experiences to users. With NowMobile, users can access ServiceNow's features and functionalities on their smartphones and tablets, allowing them to manage requests, collaborate on projects, access knowledge bases, and handle incidents and tasks from anywhere. The user-friendly and mobile device-optimized interface of NowMobile ensures that users stay connected and productive while on the go.

For IT support staff, ServiceNow's Mobile Agent functionality is a game-changer. It enables support agents to provide assistance and resolve issues directly from their mobile devices. With Mobile Agent, agents can access and manage problems, requests, and tasks while on the move, improving the efficiency of IT service management. The ability to collaborate, communicate with users, and deliver prompt help enhances the overall support experience.

ServiceNow's Mobile App Builder empowers organizations to create unique mobile applications without extensive coding knowledge. Using a visual, drag-and-drop interface, users can design, configure, and customize mobile apps to meet their specific business needs. Mobile App Builder streamlines the mobile app development process, allowing organizations to easily build and deploy mobile apps that enhance productivity and drive business success.

The Now Mobile and Mobile Agent apps are available as free downloads from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Mobility: Empower employees with the freedom to access information and complete work tasks from anywhere, leading to increased productivity and improved collaboration.
  • Streamlined Agent Efficiency: Equip fulfillers with efficient tools such as barcode scanning, signature gathering, and offline access to cases, enabling them to deliver prompt and efficient service, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effective App Development: Leverage pre-made templates and streamlined development processes to save time and resources, allowing for the creation of beautiful native apps for iOS and Android without extensive coding or the need for a dedicated development team.

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